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S7ven Health


S7ven Health develops several projects related to Health, namely:

Private Hospitals: Creation of reference health units in the area to be installed.

Day hospitals: Units that provide health care on an outpatient basis, not requiring the patient to be hospitalized.

Iberclínica: It is an S7ven brand, it translates into an integrated center of Health services, bringing together in the same building clinics and complementary services, linked or not to Health.

Praça da Saúde: Installation of hospital and complementary services, namely hotels, in a single complex.

Life Park: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic.

Continued Care Unit (Quality Care): Provides support services to the temporarily or permanently disabled person.

Maternal Child Clinic: Health unit dedicated to women and children, with maternity, neonatology, pediatrics, pediatric and pediatric care units.

R.N.A: National Alzheimer’s Network.