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S7ven Education


S7ven acts at the request of its clients in the development of facilities for expansion or relocation, search of new branches, as well as leaseback of current facilities.

First College: College of excellence with extended hours, activities and unique values, aimed at the reception of children from their first contact with the school until the end of the 1st Cycle.

Kindergarten Tulipa: Kindergarten preschool designed to accommodate children from 3 years of age to the age of entry into primary school (5 years) during the day. In order to provide them with adequate conditions for their development.

Center of Arts and Music: A concept that encompasses an International School and a School of Arts and Music for students in grades 7-12. The International School obeys standards of excellence, also operating as a postgraduate post-graduate training center. The School of Arts and Music welcomes the students of the International School, as well as external students who seek to enrich their training.

Technical and Arts School: Pre-university teaching establishment offering training in Architecture, Computer Science, Economics and Biomedical Sciences.